About EasyFWD

CANS may cause a long-term drop-out and hence result in substantial costs. The chance of developing these symptoms will increase, because computer use will also continue to increase. This is something that employees do not want, but the same applies to the employer.Studies by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO show that a short interruption of the computer work has a favourable effect on the body and mind of the computer user.

Now that research has shown that prolonged sitting is as bad as heavily smoking, it is even more important to build in breaks for excercise or motion in between working hours.

EasyFWD is Prevention software to make people more aware about a better balance between working with the computer and variety in computer work. At EasyFWD the emphasis is not so much on taking a break, but more on variety. This may include taking some exercise or other work.

EasyFWD meets a number of crucial conditions, in order to guarantee as much variety and awareness as possible for you and other computer users.


- Great degree of user friendliness and it must be easy to set.
- A risk meter that can be read easily on the Dashboard.
- Advice to improve the use of the computer
- Reports are not authoritative. You can make your own choices
- Luc and Sophie as exercise instructors
- EasyFWD does not forget the user with symptoms
- Absolute privacy


EasyFWD is available as Freeware or as Professional software. Although the Freeware version is a reduced version, it is free and will be fully maintained free of charge. The Professional version is a full version and costs €.19,95 per year incl. VAT. For this you get free maintenance and the required updates and patches.

Furthermore, we apply the motto ”you pay for what you use”. EasyFWD shrinks or grows along with your organisation. You can indicate that you want to change the number of licences and this is taken into account in the next version. You only have to pay a small fee for this.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 and later versions of Microsoft Windows
.NET 4.0 client profile
Internet connection
file location with sufficient disk rights
Can be applied on the internet / intranet or as stand-alone


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