EasyFWD for working healthy with the computer, is available as Freeware or Professional software. On your left you can see the differences. EasyFWD Freeware is free and is fully maintained for you. EasyFWD Professional is the full version and costs  €.19,95 per year incl. VAT. For this you get free maintenance and all required updates and patches. If you have any questions or comments, please contact.




Insight into thirty days of risk level X V
Computer usage details V V
Advice for improvement X V
Profile advice X V
Survey and Publication popup V V
2 Excersices V V
All excersices X V
Statistics of mouse / keyboard usage X V
Maximum worktime settings V V
Custom settings of break profile V V
Wizard to help you with your break settings V V
Hard or soft notification V V
Micro breaks V V
Automatic updates V V
Manual updates X V
Free V X
Risk meter V V
Advertisements V V

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